Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ruger MK II Review


The Ruger Standard, flagship of the mighty Ruger line of firearms. The Ruger standard was the first gun Ruger ever made. It came about when Bill Ruger Sr. founder of Ruger, was tinkering in his garage with a WWII souvenir Japanese “Nambu” Pistol. Mr. Ruger managed to construct two baby Nambu pistols of his own and subsequently designed the Ruger Standard using the Nambu’s bolt system and silhouette. Alex Sturm, co-founder of Sturm-Ruger liked the design of the pistol and it’s slight resemblance to the German P-08 Luger. Thus Sturm-Ruger was born, resting itself firmly on the back of this incredible pistol. Using modern manufacturing techniques to make parts that easily handle the pressure of .22 long rifle rounds, the Ruger standard undersold the competition and managed to make the Ruger Standard and it’s offspring, the Mark II and Mark III an American legend in the shooting world.
The Ruger Mark II came about in 1981, the primary difference being the addition of a slide-stop, which held the slide open once the last round was fired. Several new models were also introduced, including the target model which happens to be the specific gun I am reviewing today.

See the rest of the review here: http://hubpages.com/hub/Ruger-Mk-II-Review

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