Monday, August 5, 2013

Shooting videos

The Shooting sports get a bad rap in the media in my opinion. Shooters are characterized adrenaline junkies, hillbillies, and dangerous. I took some video of myself shooting to show those who doubt the motivation for those of us who shoot. As I said in another piece "Why I love to shoot" last month. Shooting is a calming activity that takes a lot of concentration to get right. In both these videos I am firing quickly, not taking slow, aimed shots, watch how slow my shooting actually is: even firing quickly It's not the bullet riddled movie scene I'm sure many anti-gun people are imagining.

This is me shooting my Sporterized Mauser in 8MM Mauser. At 40 yards, this caliber obliterated the bottles I was plinking at.


Me shooting my shotgun, just a fun day at the range blasting cardboard tubes out of existence.


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